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Richard Spencer's site. Gathering place for  serious activists and red-pilled Whites. Great Disqus comment threads.

"Are White Men Gods?"

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The End Of Zion
Basic red-pill, basic awareness. A great deal of material to click through.

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Edgy straight talk. Must use VPN to access.

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Russian Communism Was
Jewish Pest Control for Gentiles

"The Hated White Race"
by Commanche Indian David Yeagley
Excellent red-pilling article about (((their))) genocide campaign against the White Peoples and Nations
21 Amazing Facts About the "Holocaust"
 The "holocaust" is now used by the Jews to justify White genocide. The gassing story and the "6 million" need to be finally examined honestly.

Harvard Study: Police more inclined to shoot Whites than Blacks
In real life
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What's the "Alt Right"?
The Alt Right is: 1) Explicitly and unashamedly racial -- believes in preservation of peoples and that Whites have ethnic interests too.
2) Is unfraid to speak of the active Jewish role in fomenting White genocide by demonization of Whites, the engineering of race-replacement immigration into White nations, and multifarious cultural movements that weaken the natural family, morals, and destroy the cohesiveness/prosperity of natural communities.
Three good slogans for the Alt Right are:
 "Love your people," "Preserve the World's Diversity," and "Many Peoples, Many Nations."

Edgy pro-White site, the most suppressed information portal in the history of the internet

9.7 million-year-old teeth suggest EUROPE is the cradle of humanity
The Jewish "out of Africa" theory and Psy-Op against Whites has already been debunked several times. Yet here's another!

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Occidental Dissent
Vibrant, energized pro-White viewpoint from a Southern perspective.


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One of the bravest and the best.


Jews and the Shiksa II: Dustin Hoffman
The Truth About Jew-Installed Icon Martin Luther King
Globalist Traitors Replace Canada's Founding Population

Eisenhower's Death Camps
The actual Holocaust
Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order

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News items, NS/Germany themes.

Africans are a different sub-species.
This simple video by Tara McCarthy was immediately banned byYouTube.

The Occidental Observer
Scholarly & Intellectual Articles About Jewish Evolutionary Strategies Against White Peoples



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Great comment threads!


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Institute For Historical Review
Questions the gas chambers myth and demonization of Germans. This site also has varied news links relative to White Nationalists and pro-Whites.

British Isles Nationalism
Radio Aryan

Salon Article
Jews believe in an eternal enemy they call Amelek, and view White survival and ethnic interests as Amelek, which must be destroyed


Murders Of Blacks By Whites

Las Vegas False Flag

A Trauma Surgeon comments on the absurdity of the video record: Las Vegas False Flag

Fradulent photos trotted out of "victims" and their families.
Obvious photoshopping. Even an amateur can see that this photo is faked.
Israel's Fingerprints on the Las Vegas False-Flag
This video also gives an excellent roundup on the kosher origin of 9-11

Absurdity of the Las Vegas Shooting Photos

First Vicsims Roundup
Fake profiles of "dead people" who never get buried and never have obituaries
Blond "witness" with a nosejob can barely keep from laughing, sneaks in Jewish humor.

Her again...

One of the worst crisis actors
Check the comment thread. Nobody's believing this latest Jewish theater for the "goyim."

Las Vegas Crisis Actors Are Strange
Especially check out the smirking guy who starts at 5:05.

This obviously Jewish crisis actor has appeared at other false-flag shootings as a "witness." Wait till end.

This Jewish crisis actor can't keep himself from smiling all the way through his "witness" testimony.

Las Vegas crisis actor compilation
Not a single one seems authentic.

Henry Makow's Analysis

Evidence the Charlottesville Car Event was a False Flag
and Psy-Op by Enemies of Whites to Demonize White European Ethnic Interests
The Lady In The Van
Search Youtube with "Charlottesville false flag smoking gun" etc. for much more evidence.
A Groovy Plan For White Genocide

Crisis Actor "Mother" playing "mother of Heather Heyer" also played a Sandy Hook "Mother"
The same Crisis Actress playing "the mother of Heather Heyer" (who was not hit by a car but died of a heart attack when she fell down)
also played a Sandy Hook "mother." It's the same woman. Charlottesville was a staged anti-White psy-op.

Song: "The Exiles"

21 Amazing Facts About the "Holocaust"

Interesting Current News

Resisting the Moral Corruption Of Our Youth
The Truth About Charlottesville -- 1